A legal challenge to plans to build thousands of homes in Rochford district has temporarily stalled, just before it was about to be mounted.

Linda Kendall, of the Rayleigh Action Group, had secured the right to seek judicial review on the issue of consultations over moves to allow 2,785 homes across the district between now and 2025. The case was due to be heard in the High Court, in London, on Tuesday.

However, it was adjourned because the court was told a relative of one of Rochford Council’s legal team was seriously ill. No date has been set for a new hearing.

A council spokesman said: “The hearing was due to be held yesterday but was adjourned after a close relative of the council’s barrister was taken very seriously ill.

“While naturally, the council is keen for this legal action to conclude, it was an unexpected turn of events and our thoughts are with the barrister at this time.”