A MAN accused of murdering his former partner after she told him their relationship was over has told a court he did not intend to kill her.

Simon Meecham, 42, said he took a knife to kill himself, but accidentally killed Leanne Meecham, 26.

She was stabbed twice at her home in Park Street, Westcliff, and died a week later in hospital.

Yesterday, Meecham told the jury at Chelmsford Crown Court he went to Leanne’s home at about 9am on February 13, and an argument started.

He said he ended up in the bathroom and shouted out to Leanne: “I’ll just kill myself then, will I? I’ll cut my wrists then.”

Meecham told the jury Leanne told him not to be stupid, but he said he then swung his arm out to the side and the next thing he sawwas a look of shock on Leanne’s face.

He told the court: “She fell on me and looked at me and said ‘sorry’. I don’t know why she said that.

“I was conscious of the knife in my hand, but it was just a blur.”

His barrister, Craig Rush, asked him what happened next.

Meecham told him: “I panicked and left the house. As I was driving down the road, I thought it was all over – my life, everyone’s life and I realised I was in a lot of trouble.”

Meecham was later arrested on Thorpe Bay seafront, after stabbing himself.

Earlier, the court heard a patho logist, who examined Leanne’s injuries questioned Meecham’s version of events.

Dr Ola Biedrzycki was told Leanne received the injuries by accident in the struggle with Meecham, but the jury heard the doctor’s findings did not agree with this scenario.

He told the jury: “I find it difficult to reconcile two stab wounds with two accidental events.”

The trial has heard Leanne ended her relationship with Meecham from Rosewood Lane, Shoebury, and refused to take him back saying she had moved on with her life.

The prosecution alleges he murdered Leanne when she told him this.

Meecham, who was also Leanne’s stepfather at one time, denies murder.

The trial continues.