DRUNKEN louts getting into fights will be treated with zero tolerance by police this weekend as part of a campaign to stamp out violent crime.

An eye-catching laser campaign will see images warning how a drunken fight could cost everything.

Slogans and images will be projected on well-known buildings such as the Pier Lift tower, the Rossi ice cream building, and the River Island shop.

Meanwhile officers will seek to charge all offenders who commit assault when the One Punch campaign is carried out on Friday and Saturday and during Friday and Saturday the following weekend.


The clampdown follows a seasonal increase in violent crime linked to the night time economy in Southend.

Good weather and rising temperatures has led to an influx of visitors to the seaside town. But when people stay out longer and drink more violent crime tends to increase.

Chief Inspector Simon Anslow, the Southend district commander, said: "The town has a large and vibrant night time economy. Within that environment there are a relatively small number of violent incidents, sometimes committed by normally law-abiding people influenced by excessive alcohol consumption.

"Any violence is too much and the "One Punch” campaign is focused on reminding those people of the potentially tragic but unintended consequences of a moment’s alcohol-fuelled recklessness.

"We want people to come to Southend to enjoy a good safe night out but there is still a small minority of people who spoil that for other people.

"Our officers will be out on patrol on foot and by car and if we catch anyone committing violence on our town centre streets we will seek prosecution where there is enough evidence.

"Our town centre community officers will also be talking to clubbers and other visitors to explain why the campaign is being carried out and to also to drive home the message that just one punch could have serious consequences for assailants and victims alike.”

The campaign has already had success in Colchester and Clacton.

Police have also created a video to illustrate the dangers of violent behaviour: