DETECTIVES will continue to investigate the death of a man found outside a caravan as murder despite an inquest today reaching an open verdict.

Samuel Garcia, 26, was found by paramedics laying on his back near the steps of the caravan at Bullers Farm in Clockhouse Road, Little Burstead, at 3.50am on May 6 last year, Chelmsford Coroners Court heard.

The court heard Mr Garcia, girlfriend Laura Cresswell and her brother Lee and Darren Matthews had Gone to the farm at around 5pm the previous day before spending the night drinking and having a barbecue.

The court heard Miss Cresswell and the two brothers told police the four of them got “very drunk” and Mr Garcia later trashed the caravan after arguing with her, before the three of them found him lying on his back outside.

Forensic pathologist Dr Benjamin Swift told the court he died as a result of multiple head injuries which could not have been caused by a single fall and it was possible they were from an assault.

However, he could not rule out a fall causing one fracture to the left side of his head and other injuries being sustained separately.

Coroner Eleanor McGann said as a result she could only reach an open verdict.

Outside court DCI Mark Hall, chief investigating officer, said: “This was recorded as a murder investigation and remains a murder investigation. There are still facts relating to the death of Samuel Garcia that remain unexplained and we would like to hear from anyone with any information.”

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