A police officer who was based in Basildon District, has today been dismissed from Essex Police for misconduct.

A panel, chaired by Assistant Chief Constable Maurice Mason found the officer to have breached the expected standards for duties and responsibilities.

The allegations involved the officer attending a domestic incident and as he was not in possession of a DV1 form deciding to complete the form at his home station upon his return based upon some of the answers the victim had given him.

This resulted in the DV1 being incorrectly graded as ‘medium’ risk when it should have been ‘high’.

The officer had previously received two written warnings and was also on a final written warning at the time of the misconduct.

In dismissing the officer from the force, Mr Mason said: "This matter is a serious breach of professional standards which resulted in a level of service and safeguarding that fell well below the standard demanded of police officers by the public of Essex and had the potential to result in the most tragic of circumstances. It was fortunate that this did not occur.”