A MAN stabbed his grandfather to death before calmly telling a 999 operator: “Hiya, I’ve just killed my grandparents,” a court heard.

Anthony Winter then waited for police to arrive at his grandparents’ flat at Stephen McAdden House, Burr Hill Chase, Southend.

Officers found Winter’s grandfather Jack Anker lying on the floor with a steak knife in his heart.

The court heard Winter asked police: “Has he got a pulse?” and when the officer shook his head,

Winter replied: “Good.”

Winter, 34, Westborough Road, Westcliff, appeared at Chelmsford Crown Court charged with murdering his 84-year-old grandfather last November.

He has already admitted the attempted murder of his grandmother, Pamela Anker, 82.

The jury heard the elderly couple had been restrained by their grandson using cable ties and as they sat on their sofa, Winter grabbed a bread knife and a steak knife from the kitchen to inflict multiple wounds on both of them.

But the court heard Pamela Anker managed to get free and fled from the house.

Prosecutor Peter Gair told the jury of six men and six women: “It was only blood from wounds to her neck and wrists which helped Mrs Anker escape from the home.

“The bleeding had the effect of lubricating her wrists, releasing her from the cable ties and Pamela was able to escape out of the door to the warden’s office and raise the alarm."

Winter, a sales assistant, had been invited to the second-floor retirement flat on Thursday, November 14, last year for lunch.

However, the mood changed after a conversation over lunch about the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal.

Winter was heard to say “I’m in control” before he restrained the elderly couple.

After his grandmother managed to get away, Winter is alleged to have inflicted a fatal wound on Mr Anker using a steak knife, taken from the elderly couple’s kitchen.

He then called 999 at 2.04pm and said: “Hiya, I’ve just killed my grandparents.”

Despite treatment by paramedics, Mr Anker died at the scene.

The trial heard Winter had been driven by a desire for revenge due to a belief his grandfather had abused a relative.

But the jury were played a police interview with a heavily-bandaged Mrs Anker, a month after the alleged murder.

In that, she said: “I felt he had a plan and perhaps he hoped he didn’t want to have to fulfil it.

“He really loved his grandad. If the accusation [of abuse] was true, it would break his heart.”

She added: “As Jack said, we’ve only ever had love for our children. Our minds don’t work in that direction – we didn’t know how to answer him.”

Winter denies the murder on the basis of a “loss of control”.

The trial continues.