TWO conmen tricked their way into man’s home and ransacked his bedroom after pretending to be from the council.

The tricksters told Steve Mitchell, 57, they were from Basildon Council and were investigating a leak.

One of the fraudsters led Mr Mitchell to his kitchenwhile the other sneaked off.

Mr Mitchell realised something was wrong when one of the bogus workmen put on gloves.

He said: “I want to warn other people about what happened to me. Especially because there are elderly people living in the area.”

The fraudsters targeted him last Tuesday.

Mr Mitchell explained: “They said there was a leak from upstairs and they needed to check my flat.

“He asked me to turn on the kitchen taps and he did the same in the bathroom.

“When he put on gloves I put my arms out and guided them both out my flat.

“I went to my bedroom and the drawers were open.”

Nothing was stolen. The first man was aged between 25 and 27, had short, neat, black hair, was clean shaven with a pale complexion. He wore a black jacket, made of waterproof-type material, which was spattered with either paint or bleach and fawn-coloured trousers.

He spoke with a Canadian accent that Mr Mitchell said slipped in to an Irish accent.

There is no description of the second man.

Anyone with information should call 101.