TWO children have been left traumatised after they were chased by a dog on a walk around a park.

Stuart Wright, 39, of Westcliff, was left horrified when the German Shepherd dog went after sons Harry, six, and Charlie, one, during a walk on Two Tree Island, Leigh.

Mr Wright said his children were screaming in fear as the dog approached his family four times.

He now wants to warn other people about the dog as he fears other families might be targeted.

Mr Wright, whose own dog ran off during the incident, said: “When we pulled up at the park Harry jumped out and went running towards the green while I got his brother out of the car seat.

“Within 15 seconds this big, black German Shepherd had bolted for Harry and jumped up at him. Harry came running back screaming as he was being chased by the dog.

“The dog ran off, but came back again to chase Harry.

“When it came back again, I put Charlie down to stop him getting to Harry, but the dog carried on past him and knocked Charlie to the floor.

“Charlie started screaming and I picked him up again, then tried to shield Harry as well from the fourth attack.

“He didn’t bite Harry thankfully, but it looked like he would have done. It was a harrowing experience and I felt quite defenceless because I had the two children in my arms trying to protect them.”

Mr Wright said the dog’s owner casually walked away from the incident before getting into a Jeep and driving off.

Mr Wright added: “It was scary for my children and I couldn’t believe he was so blase about it when there were two kids screaming.

“I was furious and shaking until the next day.

“Harry said he was fine, but he doesn’t want to go back again.

Even now, when we go to a different park, he won’t get out of the car until the dogs have passed and wants me to get out of the car first.

“He will be fine but hewas definitely traumatised by it.”

Police want more information on the incident, which happened at about 3pm on Sunday.

The dog’s owner was driving a black or grey Jeep.

He was about six foot tall and a bit overweight.

He had blond or mousy hair and was aged in his forties, wearing jeans and a top.

A police spokesman said: “Police were called following reports of an animal-related incident on Two Tree Island.

“Police were informed a German Shepherd was seen growling at a child at about 3pm on August 17.

“The dog did not bite and the owner was nearby.

“Police are attempting to get in contact with the informant to make inquiries.”