PEOPLE hit by major flooding on Canvey could claim partial refunds on sewerage rates, a firm has announced.

Anglian Water says it has already given seven residents refunds on their sewerage bill after the major flooding that hit the island on July 20 when a month’s worth of rain fell in an hour.

Residents may be entitled to claim 50 per cent of their annual sewerage charges, from a minimum of £75 up to £500, if flooding from a public sewer materially affects a property externally.

Anglian Water says residents must contact them within three months of a flood for the claim to be investigated.

A spokesman for Anglian Water said: “Any customer whose property is materially affected by sewer flooding caused by a fault on our network may be eligible to claim for a partial rebate on their bill.

“However, this does not apply where flooding is the result of an extreme weather event.

“In the case of the recent flooding on Canvey, we are one of a number of agencies responsible for drainage.

“The cause of the flooding is currently being fully investigated, and we are working with Essex County Council as the local flood authority.”

Dave Blackwell, leader of the Canvey Independent Party, said: “I’m absolutely thrilled that people can claim.

“But I’m disappointed after all that’s gone on, and all the meetings we have had with Anglian Water, that they have not said there is financial help available.

“They have left people to find out for themselves.

“Hopefully now people know, they will go and see if they can claim.

“This is nothing to do with insurance. Residents need to understand they can claim for the council tax discount and this water bill, as they are completely separate.”

For more information call AnglianWater on 03457 919155.