FRANK Sinatra’s 100th anniversary is celebrated at the Cliffs Pavilion by a star who can claim to be the top man in the Sinatra industry.

Louis Hoover played Sinatra in the Rat Pack, the show about the singer and his chums, which sold 16 million tickets.

After playing to packed houses in London, Louis repeated the role of Sinatra in Ol’ Blue Eyes’s home base, Las Vegas. Louis says: “The Mob were so glad to see Sinatra’s name kept alive they fixed everything for us in town. We couldn’t pay a restaurant bill anywhere.”

Louis, whose Sinatra 100 show received a ten-minute standing ovation at the Albert Hall, is keen to stress he is his own man, not just another Sinatra impersonator.

He says: “Sinatra is always a presence there in the background, but the show stands on its own.”

Louis was an established jazz singer, regularly appearing at Ronnie Scott’s club, when he was recognised as the perfect performer to recapture the spirit of Frank Sinatra.

Louis’s shows are staged on a grand scale, with a 17- piece Hollywood Orchestra to accompany the vocals.

Following his original appearance at the Cliffs, during his 2014 European tour, he will return for one night on May 20. Call the box office on 01702 351135.