A POLITICIAN has stepped back to Victorian times as part of a campaign calling for clean drinking water.

Basildon and Billericay MP John Baron walked down WaterAid’s Victorian street to mark 150 years of Britain’s modern sewers.

The charity invited politicians to the scene from Britain’s 1858 Great Stink to call on Britain to lead the way in ending the global water and sanitation crisis.

Mr Baron said: “History shows investment in water and sanitation had a huge impact on our health and development, and that these are key to achieving a healthier and more prosperous world.

“As the economy and International Aid budget grows, we need to direct more funding toward achieving these goals.”

WaterAid chief executive Barbara Frost said: “Life in a densely populated slum bears far too close a resemblance to UK cities in the 1800s, representing a real and growing threat to global health and stability.

“Only with investment in sanitation can we achieve a safe and secure future for everyone everywhere.”