COUNCILLORS voted to increase their allowances by 10 per cent...but many have said they will donate the extra money to charity.

Castle Point Council voted to raise annual allowances for the first time since they were cut in 2011.

As a result, leader Colin Riley’s annual allowance will increase from £12,780 to £14,200.

The Tory had already agreed the plans informally with Ukip leader Alan Bayley and Canvey Independent Party leader Dave Blackwell.

As a result, basic councillor allowances will increase from £3,195 to £3,500 with cabinet members allowances going from £6,390 to £7,100.

Bill Dick said he would donate his extra 10 per cent to charity. He said: “If you don’t want it, I know lots of cancer charities that would accept it willingly.

“I say accept it and I will be giving mine away to one of the many cancer charities there are.”

Councillors also voted to carry out a review of the allowance scheme by the Independent Remunerations Panel.

Bill Sharp, who was responsible for the voluntary cut in 2011, which saved the council around £112,000 over the last four years, said: “I believe that all we are doing is clarifying that the 10 per cent that was offered to us is going to be offered to us again and we are going to accept it.

“It’s up to individual members of the council to decide what they will do with the 10 per cent and they can give it to a charitable organisation if they wish.”

Independent councillor Ron Hurrell rejected the proposal. He said: “It’s made me think when I started as a councillor was I thinking of my bank balance being enhanced? Was I thinking if the council stopped my allowance would I resign? Do I need my allowance? I’m totally in favour of this suggestion being rejected.”