A KNITTED nativity scene is bringing Christmas cheer to south Essex after Yarnbombers struck on Thursday evening.

Created by the Craft Club Yarnbombers, a group of five friends who work at Appleton School, in Croft Road, Benfleet, the Christmas scenes have been placed on post boxes around south Essex.

The Yarnbombers struck at the dead of night – ok, not quite, more like 9.30pm – on Thursday night and placed the nativity scene on the post box at the top of High Street, in Rayleigh, opposite the Mango Lounge restaurant.

Santa and his reindeer are currently adorning the post boxes outside Leigh’s post office in Rectory Grove, and a Christmas tree, snowman and penguin perched atop the post box outside Chalkwell train station, in The Ridgeway.

The Craft Club Yarnbombers, who have previously bombed post boxes with nautical themed knitted scenes, Tweeted on Wednesday: “Twas the night before yarnbombing when all through the town, people were excited, to see their postbox crown.”

Gabby Atkins, of the Craft Club Yarnbombers, said: “We had a really good reaction from people when we were putting them out.

“We had five of us working on them and they’ve taken a while to put together.

“It’s great to see people excited by them and they’ll be up all throughout the Christmas holiday.”

Along with the yarnbomb is the club’s 15-foot tall ‘Stitchmas’ tree, made from nearly 200 crocheted squares, produced by contributors across the globe.

The tree is adorned with pompoms made by Year 7 pupils at the Appleton School and was delivered to the Oasis Coffee House, in Leigh Road, last week.

It is currently taking pride of place on their patio and will be lit up from 4.30pm until 10pm.

After Christmas the tree will be felled and the squares will be sewn together to form blankets for the homeless.

David Elcock, community worker at Leigh Road Baptist Church, who own and manage the coffee house, said: “The headteacher of Appleton attends our church and mentioned it to us.

“We went to see it and said, wow, that would be great on the patio as it’s cold and the patio isn’t being used.

“We have followed what the yarnbombers do and love it, it’s brilliant that the tree will bring people joy over Christmas and then warmth in a next life.”

For more information on the Craft Club visit www.facebook.com/thecraftclubyarnbomb/?fref=ts, and to learn more about the church visit www.lrbc.org.uk

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