SOUTHEND volunteers are rallying together to help a man get his life back on track.

After losing his wife suddenly at the end of last year, and then being made redundant just weeks later, 60-year-old Bernie found himself homeless.

Having lived in Sheffield for a large part of his life, with two sons at separate ends of the country, he decided to return to Southend, where his elderly mother is in a care home. He came with nothing but his car and some personal belongings.

While volunteering at a winter night shelter in Whittingham Avenue Methodist Church, in Southend, volunteer Mike Bromfield heard his story and felt compelled to help. Bernie, who didn’t want to be identified further, has been offered a job in haulage in Rotherham, but without cash he can’t get there to restart his life.

This is where Mike and his fellow volunteers Elliott Waters and Hollie Kneller stepped in.

Mike said: “He needs £500 to get him to his first payslip.

“Job Centres no longer issue crisis loans. They have been taken on by local councils.

Southend can’t issue it to him as he’d use it to move out of area.

Rotherham won’t either as he’s not a resident there.

The trio have set up a donation page at