AN ENTREPENERURIAL couple who wowed the Dragons Den are celebrating the success of their business.

Lloyd Hazell, 26, and girlfriend Tasha Harris, 25, both of Western Road, Leigh appeared on the BBC Dragons Den television show after being spotted by BBC producers at the Professional Beauty Show last February.

The pair launched their own beauty business called Grounded Body Scrub selling coffee-based body scrubs.

After their success in the den, the product is now on sale at high street pharmacist Boots - with some stores selling out.

The scrub uses Robusta - a high caffeine coffee which is very bitter to taste.

As the caffeine makes it bitter, the coffee is not as popular to drink but it does help to soothe the skin and deal with conditions such as eczema.

Tasha, of Western Road, Leigh, said she has always been interested in beauty products.

She said: “I created the body scrub to help eczema, I suffer with eczema and have always been looking for the best way to treat it.

“I was on holiday in Bali, Indonesia, and I had a coffee body scrub which really helped the eczema.

“I researched and found that coffee body scrubs weren’t available easily on the market in the UK so I decided to try and make own with various oils and coffee.

“It sort of went for there really I stared making the scrubs in September 2014 and tested them out with friends and colleagues.

Tasha said they had filmed the show in August and managed to get a £30,000 investment from Dragons Den entrepreneur Sarah Willingham.

She added: “We agreed to do the show, we had to have interviews and practice our pitch to the dragons entrepreneurs at the BBC studios in London, the show was then filmed in August.

“We didn’t meet the Dragons Den entrepreneurs until the day of filming, but they were very nice and really like the product.

“When the business was starting to take off before the Dragons Den show, I decided to pitch out products to various retailers and shops.

“I emailed and sent samples and Boots was the first to come back to us. I am so pleased with everything we have achieved up until now and I can’t believe how quickly everything has happened.”