A SCHOOL has been selected to have a bee box installed to help find out more information about bees in the area.

Cherry Tree Primary School in Church Road, Basildon, have been chosen by Langdon Living Landscapes to have a bee box installed to help them the patterns of behaviour solitary bees in the local area.

The project is being funded by Veolia and John Little from the Grass Roof Company has supplied the bee boxes for the project.

The bee box will be closely monitored by the children to record their behaviours, how many bees the box attracts and how the bees live in the local area.

Langdon Living Landscapes was set up in 2012 to establish landscape-scale conservation areas and linking up wildlife rich sites so creatures can move more freely through the landscape.

The school will be posting updates on the school website about their findings, so interested people can check the school website regularly to keep up to date with how busy the bees are.