ONE man took it upon himself to clean up after vandals.

Colin Letchford, 69, from the Friends of Concord Beach group sprang into action after vandals left behind a trail of destruction on the Canvey beach.

Vandals set fire to bins and spray painting graffiti over the seawall.

Mr Letchford said: “When we started the group, we knew there would be vandalism but it didn’t stop us. This is the fourth vandalism attack but the council have ordered new bins and cleaned the debris and plastic away. I came down and washed the wall and re-painted it.”

The Echo reported on Friday March 17 how vandals left behind a trail of destruction at an island beach after setting fire to bins and spraying graffiti over the seawall.

Volunteers who have been working to improve Canvey seafront for visitors have hit out at the yobs, who struck shortly before 8pm on Wednesday March 15.

The Friends of Concord Beach and Canvey Bay Watch, which works at neighbouring Thorney Bay, have planted trees and planters full flowers and installed benches along the seafront.

They have also spent hundreds of pounds on commemorative benches.