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LIVE: Full Southend Council Meeting covering Pier Arcade, Rickshaws on the Pier and Queensway plans

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    We will be bringing you live updates from tonight's full council meeting from Southend Civic Centre


Lee Chapel 6:44pm Thu 20 Apr 17
Who ate all the pies?
Score: 1
[deleted] Replying Lee Chapel 4:25am Fri 21 Apr 17
Score: 0
Hammerdave 7:16pm Thu 20 Apr 17
So they had a break after 22 minutes of a meeting!!!! No wonder they never get to do anything.
Score: 4
Lee Chapel Replying Hammerdave 7:19pm Thu 20 Apr 17
they don't want the pies and gravy getting cold and the ale getting warm
Score: 5
272ggt Replying Hammerdave 8:42pm Fri 21 Apr 17
its a pity the echo does not report why there was a break. but why should they , they can't even get the councillors names right

Last edited: 8:47pm Fri 21 Apr 17

Score: 0
Thames Gateway 11:33pm Thu 20 Apr 17
Well said Martin Terry about the rickshaws on the Pier. It WILL BE dangerous, and it will make a walk a miserable affair for the thousands who like to do this. Clearly the present administration is being swayed by the opportunity to make an (unsafe) quick buck. Why is this? Because Ann Holland had an unsuitable idea, and now no-one wants to lose face?

Last edited: 9:09am Fri 21 Apr 17

Score: 1
Thames Gateway 11:37pm Thu 20 Apr 17
Revoking a byelaw about cycling on the pier is not going to attract tourists to the town. You still won't be able to cycle down the pier, and if rickshaws are permitted, it will put off more tourists than it attracts, because of the difficulty for walkers that will then be created on the pier, they will then stop coming. There is not the room for it. Most of the Council seem to be in cloud-cuckoo land about this!

Last edited: 8:42pm Fri 21 Apr 17

Score: 2
Captain Kidd 2:28am Fri 21 Apr 17
So, the plan is to have an Indiana Jones experience on the pier with rickshaws to see if the pier will hold up or collapse either in front or behind the rickshaw(s). To turn the arcade into another glass box offering nought and then to make the existing road system worse by turning a dual carriageway stretch ( something Southend is already lacking in in various locations) into single carriageway. Where have the intelligent people gone in Southend? More importantly who elected these useless cowboys?
Score: 0
They said "It's all over" well it is now... 6:11am Fri 21 Apr 17
I'm nominating Ann Holland for an O.B.E. for her contribution to this great town, can't wait to have a go on one of those rickshows, Southend just keeps getting better.
Score: 1
TheRealCommuterDogWalker 8:35am Fri 21 Apr 17
The rickshaws are a nuisance where there are alot of pedestrians. I suggest the council take a look at Covent Garden/Leicester Sq areas in London as an example of how dangerous they can be. I've seen many people knocked into by a rickshaw.
Score: 1
Geoff Aristottle 10:16am Fri 21 Apr 17
I have a dilemma. Who would I most like to slap, Edward Feddon or Mark Flewitt!
Score: 1
piston-broke 11:04am Fri 21 Apr 17
So it turns out that its not SBC thats behind the Rickshaws but a private company and SBC will just get a cut, what happened to promoting the Pier as a healthy walk and promoting the Train, Bikes we don't need cruising up and down knocking people like skittles over the railings into the water, imagine the injury claims that might occur, silly idea which should be dropped like a hot oven pan when you pick it up with no gloves. and what a waste of time and effort getting the ban over turned for something that won't happen, get a grip.
Score: 2
ddf35 12:08pm Fri 21 Apr 17
i look forward to seeing the final road plans for Queensway and the following public consultation as mentioned here! Not sure what Cllr Terry is talking about here: "We can't control the amount of development Rochford are doing. They are more than happy to do loads of development and dump the traffic on us" And the house building at Ecko and massive football stadium development won't contribute to traffic at all? How do developments in Rochford 'dump' traffic in Southend? There are concerns about traffic everywhere, but not sure you can throw blame around.
Score: 0
TheRealCommuterDogWalker Replying ddf35 3:19pm Fri 21 Apr 17
I thought that. I assume he he talking about the Hall Rd Development which is likely cause more traffic around the Airport and Tesco area, which is SBC territory
Score: 1
Colin Ritchie 5:10pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Going back the hospital issue Stroke unit is brill as attention to getting thing sorted to find out what has happened I from 1st hand experence, Have escaped yesterday a follow up is required in cardiology No possibly appointments at southend till ???. Okay How about super Basildon "It might take me a day to get there by public transport" Sorry nothing there either too many people being sent from all over essex . Great just what you need you will get an appointment but when that is the question.
Score: 0
Mr Mad 1:35pm Wed 3 May 17
The queensway plans as they look now are ridiculous. I imagine there will be a set of lights at the new junction of southchurch road and sutton road. adding to the pedestrian lights and the lights at the junction of chichester and southchurch that makes a total of 6 lights you can get stopped at if you wish to drive to pets at home coming from southchurch road for example.
Score: 0

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