A FILM student is looking for support so he can film a docu-drama as part of his third year university course.

Reece Hughes, 22, is studying Film Studies and Production at The University of Essex, in Colchester. For one of his third year modules, he will be writing, filming and producing his own film.

He has decided to draw on his own childhood experiences of growing up in Pitsea while his parents went through a divorce.

He said: “ I aim to starkly detail a 13 year-old’s disdain with the system set around him, stuck between his abusive father and his emotionally unstable mother, feeling as if he has to pick side.

“The main character will be played by my younger brother, Louie, who is currently 14 and going through what I did at that age.

“I also wanted to show people that you can come from a low, working class background but can still achieve things. Sometimes I look back and wonder how I managed to get to university.”

Reece estimates the film will be between 30 to 75 minutes long, depending on “how much reality is let through the door during its production.”

Reece, who attended Eversley Primary School before going to Chalvedon School and the Basildon Academies, has taken inspiration from the likes of Mike Leigh, Lars Von Trier, the Maysles brothers and Rick Alverson.

It will be filmed as a docu-drama - similar in style to Andrea Arnold’s Fish Tank, which won BAFTA Award for Best British Film due to its gritty portrayal of life on a London council estate.

Reece is seeking £1,000 in donations to help towards the cost of the project, which will contribute towards his degree result.

The film will be called P*ss Eye, which comes from a variant of Pitsea’s name used in previous centuries.

Reece said the film will be delivered with “sincerity and love” as he has a deep affection for the town.

To donate, visit crowdfunder.co.uk/piss-eye