A CHARITY which helps children who suffer hair loss through cancer treatment and illness is better off thanks to woman who has donated her own hair to the charity.

Vicky Gibbons, from Rochford, had her long tresses cut off after spending years growing it.

The hair will be donated to the Little Princess Trust which makes wigs for children suffering with cancer.

Ms Gibbons said: “I’d been growing it for a while and decided to get it cut short. I thought I would like to do something positive with it so I decided to donate it to the Little Princess Trust.

“They help so many youngsters by using the hair to make wigs for them. It seemed like a good thing to do.”

Ms Gibbons had her locks lopped off at Ellis’ Salon in South Street, Rochford.

The Princess trust provides real hair wigs, free of charge, to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have lost their own hair through cancer treatment.

As a result of treatment for cancer, most children will suffer hair loss as a side effect.

Some children cope remarkably well but for others this can be very upsetting.

The charity works with specialist suppliers and experienced hairdressers who offer wigs tailored to the individual child’s needs.