IT is probably not much of a surprise to learn I have mostly been watching tennis this week.

I have parked my current obsession with the super rich of the French Riviera, with just a couple of glitzy episodes to go, and replaced it with Sue Barker and John McEnroe.

Okay, so they aren't as glamorous but they give it a good go.

So far it has been a pretty dry Wimbledon so with no rain delays both the BBC channels are pretty much dedicated to the annual grandslam event.

Good news for people like me who are really interested in it - bad news for anyone else who doesn't know their Federers from their Djokovic's.

My children despair, although I try not to hog the main television, settling for having it on in the background in the kitchen while I am doing other stuff.

I'm selfless like that.

When I was younger I was only really interested when we had British players doing well.

Nowadays I watch as much as I can regardless of who is playing.

And then when it is over for the day I settle down to watch the highlights on Wimbledon Today with the incredibly knowledgeable Clare Balding.

She knows everything about every sport you can think of.

If the BBC televised the Tiddlywinks Championships Clare would host the coverage and she would know the names of all the competitors and their form for the several years leading up to the event without having to read it off a card.

That's just how she rolls.

She has no problem discussing the most minute detail about the tennis tour with such heavyweights as Martina Navratilova and Pat Cash who pretty much live on the tour.

They must have to grit their teeth as they secretly think to themselves "Come on Clare, last time you watched tennis was when you presented this show last year."

But I do like Clare. There is something so jolly and fun about her but she can also hold her own.

She has to, as does the effortlessly serene Sue Barker, in order to deal with the huge egos sitting alongside her at times.

Sue might look a pushover but her appearance alongside Big Mac on the One Show sofa proves otherwise.

She called him out in style over his recent comments about Serena Williams being 700 places behind some of the top male players.

Game, Set, Match. It's why I love Wimbledon so much.

Sorry kids.