A SCHOOL will pay a fond farewell to its Head of Science who has taught there for 28 years.

Alison Morgan is set to leave her post at The Fitzwimarc School, Rayleigh, at the end of this term.

The school’s maths department grouped together to calculate that since taking up her role Mrs Morgan has taught more than 6,000 pupils.

Speaking on her time, Mrs Morgan said: “It has been amazing to have been leading such a large, successful department here at Fitzwimarc.

“I will feel sad to stand down, but the time is right.”

Mrs Morgan has seen many members of staff walk through the Fitzwimarc doors and she is proud to have been part of their careers.

She said: “I have nurtured many staff members starting out on their careers and it has been satisfying to see them go on and do well in their careers.”

Science teacher, Nancy Gratton has worked with Mrs Morgan for almost 15 years and has found her support to be vital to her time at Fitzwimarc.

She said: “Mrs Morgan is a loyal and caring colleague who has strived for her department to be a happy, safe place of work.

“She thinks fast and has continually been encouraging both the pupils, that she has taught, and the staff, she has led.”

Mrs Morgan has been seen as a vibrant character within the school, never losing her love for the subject she teaches and keeping the children excited to learn year by year.

Robert Harris, head teacher of Fitzwimarc, said: “Her passion for the subject and determination to do the very best for every single student is unwavering.

“She believes in teaching science through enjoyment and discovery, which means many thousands of students have benefited from a creative and innovative approach to learning.”

The soon to be former Head of Science’s passion to teach has even encouraged former students to return to the school as teachers themselves.

Christ Wright, technology teacher and former student, said: “Mrs Morgan taught me when I was removed from my original class for being naughty! Without her guidance, I would never have got my grade in Science.

“Her calm and sometimes unorthodox approach to teaching kept me interested and on the straight and narrow. I have a lot to thank Alison for and wish her well.”

Mrs Morgan’s influence upon students and teachers has been undeniable for those who know her.

Thankfully, Mrs Morgan will not be saying a complete goodbye to the school just yet, as she will remain as a part-time teacher when needed.

She is excited about what that future holds for her, and is thankful for the years she has spent at the school.

Mrs Morgan said: “I feel a bit apprehensive, starting afresh, but I am looking forward to it.”