MEMBERS of the Endeavour Trust in Leigh were invited to a special event at Windsor Castle.

Paul Gilson, Colin Sains and Finlay Marshall attended a picnic in honour of Knights of St George, a college of Knights who are based within Windsor Castle.

Also in attendance, on the day were The Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip and Prince Michael of Kent.

Colin, a member of the Endeavour crew, said: “It was a very good, well organised day. We set sail on Friday from Hull Haven where the Endeavour was moored, travelled to Staines before our final trip to the castle. The water came up into the boat and we had to battle against the weather at times but it was great fun.”

It was a two day voyage for the crew to get to Windsor Castle. The Knights of St George are a college of Knights who live within the castle’s walls.

Speaking on the history of the Knights, Paul said: “The King of the time rode past a group of soldiers who had returned from battle with no food and nowhere to go.”

Paul continued to say the college was started after the King welcomed the soldiers into the castle. Paul also got to speak with both the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Michael.

He said: “I got the double whammy I guess you could say, everyone else got to shake one of the Prince’s hands but I got to speak with Philip also.”