I SPEND a lot of time thinking about what would go in my Room 101 if anyone ever asked me.

Mainly it is when I am watching the Frank Skinner panel show, admittedly, but it is something that often occurs to me at other times too.

And it is not much of a surprise to learn a lot of those are television or film based.

Nowadays a lot of things famous types shove in there are quite obscure - this is probably because there have been a lot of series and they don't like to repeat themselves.

Laurence Fox wanted to put cats in there though, and Davina McCall mooted adding in people who tell their birth stories.

Someone I cannot recall now wanted the act of cheering to go in.

I don't remember their argument being particularly convincing.

Anything goes I suppose - so I want to put in documentary programmes which re-cap too much so that essentially they are only about 20 minutes of actual content.

And children's programmes which are completely lacking in any type of realism - postmen just do not use helicopters to deliver one parcel.

And Peppa Pig. For no other reason than she is intensely irritating and has encouraged a generation of toddlers to be rude to their parents.

I would also put all of the Dance Moms in there - and Emma Willis who I like but am fed up with seeing and hearing both on the television and radio.

In fact now I have started thinking about it I am finding the whole process quite cathartic.

Also heading in there are the endless cobbled together real-life shows about Killer Weather, bad holidays and quirky events held up and down the country which appear to always be narrated by Jamie Theakston.

There wouldn't be any room left in there once I had finished.

I would also put most of the people who appear on Room 101 itself in there too.

Some of them are genuinely amusing - Greg Davies is always good value wherever he appears for example.

But you always get the ones who are not necessarily cracking jokes when they appear in their usual roles - and feel the need to prove how amusing and entertaining they are.

Gabby Logan was guilty of this, and Laurence Fox (I like cats, I can't forgive him) and also former Deputy Labour Leader John Prescott.

Just leave all that to Frank - he's paid to do that.

And he is very good at it. Even when the producers kit him out in embarrassing outfits by way of proving a point.

He is one person I wouldn't be putting in that room.