ESSEX County Council has reassured motorists disruption caused by remedial work on the Sadlers Farm junction will kept to a minimum.

The council announced on Friday more work is needed on A13/A130 junction in Benfleet despite a two-year project to rebuild it, which only ended in 2012.

Balfour Beatty set to start the work in October under the orders of the county council which uncovered problems with the work during a survey.

The work will remedy drainage problems on structures on the A13 Link Road and bearings will replaced on two of the bridges to “improve bridge movement and ensure we maximise their life”.

The works should have ensured a lifespan of 120 for the junction but the council survey found the drainage and other problems could reduce that. As they are still under contract, Balfour Beatty will be required to carry out the work at no cost to the taxpayer.

Kevin Bentley, deputy leader of Essex County Council assured residents there were no safety issues involved in work on the two bridges.

He said: “The bridges are safe. The reason it’s taking 12 months for the remedial works is that we are spreading it to have minimal impact.

“We could do it quicker but that would cause more congestion.

“There will be little impact on journey times.”

Mr Bentley said the works were a routine part of such a major project. He said: “Its a bit like building a house. We have to go back after a time as the house settles. This is similar but on a far greater scale. We made sure we keep a check on that rather than doing it piecemeal.”

During the original works the heat was on to finish the junction ahead of the Olympics, a deadline which was missed. Mr Bentley dismissed suggestions some work had been rushed.

He said: “It wasn’t rushed for the Olympics it is just that like any building or structure, it settles in and this is the same..

“People ought not to have any delays like when we reconstructed the junction. It is not like that at all.

Mr Bentley added: “These remedial works are being completed at no additional cost to the taxpayer following completion of the Sadlers Farm scheme in 2012. All work has been carefully planned to cause as little disruption to the driving public as possible.

Once complete, it will ensure Sadlers Farm continues to deliver benefits to Essex residents and commuters over the next century.

“This is a scheme that is fit for 120 years and is not just for us and our children but forour great, great, great grandchildren.”

Frank Lee-Sang, Balfour Beatty Project Director, said: “We’re doing everything possible to plan and manage these works in order to keep traffic moving and minimise disruption and inconvenience for road-users and the local community.

Alongside Essex County Council, we will keep local residents, businesses and road users informed of progress and any essential information that will make their journeys as smooth as possible throughout the length of the remedial works.”

Where possible, Balfour Beatty will complete remedial works away from the road in a bid to reduce disruption to road users and the local community. Lane closures, overnight works and weekend works will also be required for these essential works.

Some residents were surprised by the news of more work on the way, including Dave Ibbotson, 58, of London Road. He said: “You’re joking.

“They better make sure it isn’t as bad as last time then because that was an utter nightmare.

“It was chaos down here with the traffic – literally, it was packed out with cars all day long, it was terrible.

“They tried out the night work last time which was just as bad as well. Imagine constant noise going on outside when you’re trying to sleep, complete nightmare.”

Sharon Parker, 42, of London Road said: “I briefly heard about it yesterday but I didn’t realise that was exactly what they were planning to do.

“You could hardly get out with your car because the traffic was just at a constant standstill so I hope the council have taken that into account.

“I’m struggling to see why more work needs to be done to be honest bearing in mind they were only doing it a couple of years ago.

“Seems a bit odd but if it has to be done, it has to be done.”