BUSINESSES around Sadlers Farm roundabout are bracing themselves for another year of disruption to trade.

Having tolerated years of disruption during the original work which ended in 2012, business leaders fear the work will overrun the 12-month programme of work.

The council announced on Friday more work is needed on A13/A130 junction in Benfleet despite a two-year project to rebuild it, which only ended in 2012.

Balfour Beatty set to start the work in October under the orders of the county council which uncovered problems with the work during a survey.

The work will remedy drainage problems on structures on the A13 Link Road and bearings will replaced on two of the bridges to “improve bridge movement and ensure we maximise their life”.

David Burch, director of Essex Chamber of Commerce said: “We would welcome any work being done to improve this roundabout but clearly have concerns about the impact of the work on businesses.

“A year seems to be a long time and there are concerns from businesses that road works always overrun. What starts as a year can run on to 18 months.

“We accept that the work needs to be done, but would like to see it done more quickly.

“These are very busy roads and used by a lot of traffic particularly at peak times and they are extremely important to the economy of Essex. The work needs to be done as quickly as possible.”

Paul Harrison of Furniture Kingdom, in London Road said: “That was terrible when that first lot was getting done. We’ve been here for around 40 years as a family business and the last time was probably the worst business has ever been.

“We had customers coming from Pitsea which is normally a 10-minute drive saying it was taking them an hour and a half.

“It did effect our business and it completely killed our trade.

Terry McCormack, 40, manager of the Tuff Computer Company in London Road, said: “It will have an impact on my business but I try not to get too down about it as there is nothing I can do about it."

Jamie Dodds, 49, owner of Wet ‘n’ Dry Boardsports said: “Any disruption is not good and we were close to going under last time but we got through and trade has actually been a lot better since the work was done on the roundabout.”