An inspiring former police officer suffering from Parkinson’s disease has completed the task of climbing the UK’s highest mountain.

Bob Mays, 61 from Basildon, was diagnosed with the neurological condition five years ago.

In an effort to raise money for cancer, dementia and Parkinson’s based charities, Bob decided to climb Ben Nevis.

Bob said: “Climbing Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the United Kingdom, has been the hardest challenge I have ever faced.

“Spells of torrential rain, hail storms, 30-40plus mph winds with temperatures hitting minus two.”

Bob went on to say what difficulties he faced leading up to the big climb and how he overcame great pain to complete the challenge.

He said: “How I managed to complete this challenge, I have no idea.

“Three weeks before, my Parkinson medication was changed resulting in joint and muscle damage.

“I had very little sleep as a result of the pain, but instead of taking the sensible decision and withdrawing from this challenge I decided to take some heavy-duty pain killers. The climb took me 5 hours.

“Even with this, I could not have done it without the support and trust my team had in me and the encouragement from my wife and the guides who pushed me through.

“Also, I was aware of the many donations being made and that gave me the motivation I needed to get over the line.”

Bob has vowed not to take on any more challenges of this type after the struggles he faced leading up to it and for his own safety – with the guidance of his wife.

He continued: “I have promised the wife no more challenges like this as I need to start respecting the condition I suffer from.”

Bob was originally hoping to take on the West Highland Walk in 2019, but suspected that Ben Nevis would be his last challenge.

Earlier this year, he completed the Southend Half Marathon, which is 13 miles, in hiking boots.

Bob went on to thank those who had chosen to donate and informed people that there is still time to give money to the charities.

He continued: “I would like to thank everyone that made a donation and pledge.

“At present, I anticipate once all donations are in, I will have raised over £3,000.”

Bob’s mother died earlier this year after suffering from dementia as well as her brother who died through cancer.

Bob was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a year after retiring from the police, but he hasn’t let his condition stop him from working.

He currently works as a general manager for AK Lander and earlier this year he thanked them for their continued support.

There is still time to donate to Bob’s page. Visit to make a donation or pledge.