Residents have backed a planning application to keep a car wash open, despite neighbours saying it is making their lives a misery.

The planning application is for the continued use of hand car wash site at 127 High Street, Canvey.

Sarkawt Omar has applied to Castle Point Council with the application.

The Echo understands that a concerned resident reported the business to Castle Point Council as it is believed it was operating without permission.

It is also understood that the owners have come to the end of a 10 year period of permission.

A total of two residents have made objections against the plans.

One resident who lives in Barnards Avenue, Canvey, objected to the application said that the owners have been told to leave the property.

The resident added “We have found out that the car wash has reapplied against their notice to quit and have been allowed to stay.

“We strongly object to them being there due to excessive noise from, industrial hoovers, jet powered washers, their constant shouting and swearing.

“The road that they exit into is a single track, this causes many safety problems, we have had a vehicle come straight out and crashed through our fence and almost into our lounge. There has been arguments and stand offs when drivers confront one and another and won’t give way.

“We have no rest from the noise, intrusion into our privacy as people waiting while their car is washed stand up against our fence and look into our windows,

“The car wash is open seven days a week for 70 hours and we have no peace. At times there can be at least and sometimes in excess of 12 workers.

“In the summer months when you want to open your windows, you can’t because of the noise and water spray. We have had most of our front garden ruined.

“Plants and trees have been killed by the chemicals used in the car wash.”

However, about 40 residents who have given comments in support of the plans.

Another resident from Eastfield Road Canvey said: “I have used this hand car wash.

“I would not like them to stop trading.”

Stacey Omah, 27, a spokesman for the business said: “It is overwhelming that we have had so much support.

“We are so happy that everyone has supported us. People are just trying to cause trouble.”