POLICE found 47 drivers at the wheel without a seatbelt and a further 25 using a mobile phone when they carried out a traffic operation in Hadleigh.

Officers from Essex Police’s casualty reduction section held a dedicated operation in London Road, on Saturday, to help to reduce those killed and seriously injured on the road by using a combination of engagement and enforcement.

Throughout the operation, drivers were issued warnings and fines when they were found to be flouting the law.

Five motorists were found to be driving in excess of the speed limit and one driver was found to be driving without valid insurance and had their car seized. Two drivers were found to be driving without a valid MOT and one driver had a tyre below the legal limit.

Matt Hine, operational tasking supervisor, said: “I’m shocked to see such a large number of drivers not wearing their seatbelts.

“They all completely disregarded their own safety as well as the safety of others.”