TWO Strictly champions together with one Strictly professional, will appear live on stage at the Cliffs Pavilion this Sunday, with BBC Radio Two’s Leo Green, in a show called Rip It Up.

Jay McGuiness, Natalie Lowe and Louis Smith will swing, bop, jitterbug, lindy hop, jive and ballroom through the greatest songs from the greatest decade of music! The music in the show spans various styles from romantic ballads and crooner songs through to classic pop hits and the shattering world of rock ’n’ roll.

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Tickets start at £23.50.

Q: Was Leaving Strictly a tough decision, and did seeing the success of professional dancers Aljaz and Janette doing their show, Remembering Fred, inspire you to say 'yes'?

A: I've been doing shows all my life, so for me it was a no-brainer to go into this show because of what it was about. I just heard "1950's" and was sold on the idea! I have always wanted to relive the 1950s because that's what music I was brought up listening to. It's the music we played in the car when my mum and dad used to drive me to Australian dance championships, so I think I must have been brainwashed with that music somehow.

Q: What do you think of your co-stars Louis Smith and Jay McGuiness?

A: It was great news when I heard Jay and Louis were in. I initially said no to singing as well as dancing, but for Louis and Jay it feels really natural, passionate even. Louis is constantly singing that style of music, which surprised me. They are amazing talents, along with Leo Green and his band from Radio 2, who are performing the show's live music each night.

Q: What is it like playing different venues around the UK each night?

A: Exciting. We did it with the Strictly tour and such a thing resonates with me as a professional dancer. I travelled the world with a show called Burn the Floor, which also featured a live band, and it just gives you another level of energy.

You just want everyone tapping their feet and wanting to have a sing and dance along with us.

Q: Will you be singing any of the tracks?

A: Haha! No, never. I want people to keep watching the show, after all! I had singing lessons when I was five and my singing teacher said "okay, you need to just stick to your dance". I was thinking "surely I can learn?", but when I mentioned this to her she said "no, you are pretty much tone deaf!"

Q: As a little girl could you imagine you would be dancing for your living all your life?

A: I can't believe where my career has taken me.

Q: Have you looked beyond Rip It Up and know what you are doing next?

A: I'm producing my own show at the end of the year, as well as starting two or three of my own companies,

all off the back of being a ballroom dancer. I just can't believe that, and I am so grateful. It is such a beautiful world to be a part of because you do really touch people's lives. I have to pinch myself every day.