Ten domestic abuse perpetrators have been arrested in Rochford and Southend in six days.

A six-hour operation to locate and arrest domestic abuse perpetrators while giving advice to victims took place in Rochford and Southend on Saturday September 23.

Southend’s domestic abuse team teamed up with six special constables and two special inspectors in a day of action last weekend.

During the day of action, 15 houses were visited and two people were arrested. 

Since the operation, a further eight outstanding domestic abuse perpetrators were arrested.

During the operation, police also spoke to victims of domestic abuse and their neighbours confidentially.

Detective Inspector Paul Ahmed said: “The operation was part of Essex Police’s ongoing work to tackle domestic abuse, which remains one of the force’s top priorities. 

“Our team remains committed to bringing offenders to justice and protecting victims and their children. The day of action helped bring two people into custody for further questioning and allowed us to carry out further safeguarding work with victims of domestic abuse. 

“It also gave six special constables the opportunity to work with our domestic abuse team for the first time, increasing their knowledge of the force’s operations.”

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, our domestic abuse officers are always available to help.

You can contact the Domestic Abuse Central Referral Unit (CRU) by calling us on 101 extension 180340.

You can also call our dedicated domestic abuse non-emergency number 0800 358 0351, our non-emergency number 101 or 999 in an emergency.