SOUTHEND United captain Anton Ferdinand has been hit with a £2,500 fine for speeding- just two weeks after being slapped with a six-month driving ban for racking up four offences.

The defender appeared at Colchester Magistrates’ Court today.

He faced three further charges of speeding, on top of the four convictions he has already collected since January 2015.

Ferdinand, 32, of Grove Park, London, was snapped by a speed camera breaking a 50mph limit by driving his Audi at 65mph on the A127 at Rayleigh on February 15.

Magistrates handed him a £1,000 fine and ordered him to pay £90 costs.

He was caught out again in Radford Way, Billericay, near the train station, on March 1. On that occasion he was zipped past a bright yellow speed camera at 37mph while driving in a 30mph zone.

Ferdinand was also photographed driving at 38mph in a 30mph zone on the A129 in South Green, Billericay.

Both offences earned him a £750 fine from magistrates.

He was also hit with a 42 day ban, but that will run at the same time as the six month disqualification handed to him at Basildon Magistrates’ Court last month.

On that occasion, the Echo told how Ferdinand admitted speeding past the same camera in South Green on November 15, again travelling at 38mph.