Parking is one of the biggest grumbles people have.

However, a study has revealed that it might be people's lack of skill at parking, rather that the lack of spaces which is the problem.

The study found that parking is so bad, that almost a fifth of the space available for cars goes to waste.

Experts reviewed 120 roads where kerbside parking bays were ‘full’ and there was no space between any two vehicles to fit an additional car.

They calculated how much extra space would be available if every car on the street used park assist technology that automatically guides the vehicle into a space.

The study found that across the country up to 17 per cent of parking space on streets – enough for thousands of cars – could be freed up if all drivers used the technology.

A total of Of 2,000 adults questioned for the study, 47 per cent of drivers claimed poor parking by other drivers had been a major frustration in the past year, according to the research.

The study, commissioned by Direct Line Car Insurance, also found that just over a fifth of motorists said they had left their vehicles further away from home to avoid having to parallel park in a challenging space, while a similar proportion had asked a friend or member of their family to park for them.

A total of 18 per cent of drivers said they had given up trying to park because they were put off because someone was watching.