ROB Small says Bowers & Pitsea’s 4-1 win against Dereham Town in an FA Trophy replay could be a hugely significant moment in their season.

Goals from Jamie Salmon, Tony Stokes, Jamie Dicks and Gavin Cockman were enough to see Bowers through impressively in Norfolk, after they scored an injury-time equaliser on Saturday to take the match to a replay.

Small admits he didn’t think he would be able to make the game, having recently switched jobs in the City.

But he was present, and was full of praise as his battle-worn squad set up a first round qualifier against Egham Town.

“Mentally we performed heroics to be focused and perform the way we did,” he said. “It was impressive and, unlike on Saturday, we were clinical.

“In terms of thinking about the opponent, it didn’t come into it that much. We had a level of belief we could get the result but we had to climb a mountain to get there at all.

“I had 13 fit players, two of which were goalkeepers and Gavin Cockman was strapped up like Terry Butcher for the cause.

“In terms of thinking about the opponent, it didn’t come into it that much.

“The games were similar in the sense that we dominated proceedings before allowing them to get back into the game slightly. We didn’t punish them on Saturday but we put the game to bed by half-time on Tuesday.

“Honestly, I think people might have written it off after Saturday’s draw. It is a bonus and I believe it could be a significant moment in our season.

“We now need to try and use last night to progress. That is what I have told the players.

“I would like to think we can get past the next opponent and then we will see if we can make some more history.”

Small had to take a two hour train from Liverpool Street station to Norwich, before hopping in a taxi to Dereham.

Arriving home at 1:15am before another early start, Small admits it was a draining experience but said his players made it worthwhile.

“I would have been more resentful had the players not performed the way they did,” he said. “You can’t always get the result you want but the performance needed to be on point.

“I didn’t know if I was going to make it there in honesty. I have started a new job and obviously want to make the right impression but the boss said I should go to the football.

“I got coaxed into going but I had nothing with me. But I got there and it was well worth it, of course. It was a long journey and there was a lot to organise aside from my own travel arrangements.

“But when you are travelling back, you think about what you have done and it was a great feeling.”