TRUCKS have continued delivering hardcore onto Hovefields in Wickford – sparking further fears another mass illegal traveller camp is on its way.

Chris Jackman, conservative councillor for Wickford Park, believes the ongoing activities will eventually transform the area into another Dale Farm – the infamous Basildon camp which once housed more than 80 families.

Mr Jackman was told by a Hovefields resident on Tuesday night about three deliveries of hardcore in a 7.5 tonne traveller flat back truck.

He said: “I am just shocked of the audacity of it. If you continually dump hardcore onto a land it wipes out sustainability plans. It’s just in complete defiance of the law. The more hardcore you have on a land you can’t much development plans on it.”

Jill Walsh, spokesman for the Hovefields Residents’ Association, can’t believe the travellers complete disregard of the law. She said: “This has been ongoing for a while, and it just doesn’t stop. “The trucks dumping the hardcore amounts to considerable carnage to the site. But this time it hasn’t amount to the scale they have done before.

“I think they’re dumping the hardcore there to continue development for hardstanding for mobile homes and caravans. These are traveller-owned trucks, all the trucks are from within the area. “The law needs to be stricter, and it’s not about targeting a particular community, but it’s about making sure everyone abides by the law.”

As the rate of traveller incursions have increased, Basildon Council has taken steps to protect public parks. Since the start of 2016, a total of 77 encampments were recorded across the borough. On Tuesday the council attended the High Court and took the first step to apply for an injunction to prevent unauthorised encampments at various industrial and park areas within the borough. The council spent about £40,000 in the last financial year to dispose waste left over by travellers.