A play area is set to be unveiled in one of Canvey’s most deprived areas after five years of being granted lottery funding.

Canvey Lake Play Area is set to open on a piece of land behind Cedar Road.

The play area is a joint project which has been put together by Canvey Town Council and the Big Lottery Fund.

Canvey received a £1million grant as one of around 12 areas across the country that are regarded as the most deprived for community facilities.

Barry Palmer, councillor for Canvey South, said: “We have had this money for around five years and we have spent very little on it.

“The play area cost £20,000, £10,000 was paid by the lottery fund and the committee paid the rest.

“The equipment is entirely made out of stainless steel, and it has been custom made for the park.

“The area is meant for children, around five to eight years old, it is also for the little ones too.

“It is going to be made as a type of adventure play area.”

Work is currently under way to bring the new play area to the public in time for its unveiling on Wednesday, October 25.

Mr Palmer said that the new park will also be a community space for parents and guardians to gather while their children are playing.

He added that the idea for the park was something that was brought up by the community who live in the area.

Mr Palmer said that people need to understand that the council are responding to what residents want for their community.

He said: “These are not our ideas, they are the people’s ideas and if people complain about it, then they are just talking about what the residents want.

“Not one single idea has come from the committee.

“We spent two years going to events and leafleting on the island about everything we wanted to do for the area.”

Mr Palmer said that the council has faced opposition from residents over new additions to Canvey’s community areas, however, the areas of concern have also so far been successful.

He said: “If you look at the sea front, the benches and pots that we put there, residents complained and were worried about vandals.

“Those new initiatives were a big success and we expect that this will also be.” Mr Palmer said that another new play area is being discussed in The Gunny.

The area was previously an army anti-aircraft site and is now a heritage site.

The lottery fund group on the island hope that they can make it another play area in the future.

For more information about the Big Lottery Fund and how to apply, visit biglotteryfund.org.uk