A new bar could open up in Shoebury, selling alcohol for 16 hours a day.

The Oyster Beach Bar, part of the Oysterfleet chain is set to open on Ness Road to replace where the former Morrisons Local store.

Dr Feelgood manager, Chris Fenwick, who is on the Oysterfleet board of directors, said he was unable to comment about the application, however the application says the bar will be showing sports events.

The chain has submitted an application to Southend Council to sell alcohol from 8am until midnight which will be reviewed on Monday.

Simon Matthews, manager at Oysterfleet PLC, said: “We feel that it will be a benefit for the area.

"It’s in a nice location and there isn’t that much in the way of bars around there."

Although, the application has not been met with open arms by everybody, with five objections having been submitted to council.

Mr Matthews added: “We have had discussions with the police and the local council and we have agreed to take the right steps set out by them. 

“We have had a few objections from residents, but we have covered all the four licensing objectives set out in the application.

"All our places run from 8am to midnight, however, realistically, we normally open from midday to 10pm on weekdays.

"It doesn’t automatically mean we will be open from 8am to midnight, it just gives us the capability to. 

“But if people want to come and enjoy themselves, in a reasonable manner, up until midnight, then we will stay open until that time.”

John Budge, Hon Sec and Treasurer of the Shoeburyness Residents Association,  believes the general view in the area is that the new bar will make a great addition, although he thinks midnight is too late to serve alcohol until.

He said: “The feedback we have had so far is that people are pleased that it is going to be used for something seem to think this bar will be a good addition.

“Our view is normally that midnight is too late when you are in a residential area.”