Meet Canvey’s friendly fox who has made himself a comfortable home on a resident’s trampoline.

The adorable Freddie the fox has become a new family member of Steve Stacey, 47, who lives in Rose Road.

Freddie first visited Mr Stacey’s house two years ago. Mr Stacey said Freddie came up and sat opposite of him while he was sitting on his garden furniture. Since then, Freddie has been coming everyday.

Mr Stacey said: “Freddie loves the trampoline. First time when he was on it, I got two raw eggs from the kitchen, put them in a bowl and went outside to feed him.

“I wasn’t sure if he would eat it from the bowl so I tipped it on the ground. He got up, ate it, and then went back to sleep on the trampoline.

“Since Freddie came to my backyard two years ago, the relationship has progressed. I feed him raw eggs every day, and he loves his chicken thighs too. I don’t think he likes ham though.

“Freddie is harmless, despite what some people say about foxes. I enjoy having Freddie with us. He’s part of the family.”

Mr Stacey, who works as a cabbie, said Freddie usually drops in around midday for lunch and returns in the evening for dinner.

He said: “I start work at 4am. I come home at about 11am and I always expect Freddie to be there. I would be sad if he doesn’t turn up one day.

“Freddie has only been in the house twice. Once he came in and sat on the settee because we leave the back door open in the summer. He pulled a cushion for himself and rested on there. It’s like he made himself a bed.

“I named him Freddie because I thought it would be a cute name for a fox.

“Freddie has been coming every day, so I’ve started taking pictures of him and I posted them on Facebook. Since I posted pictures of him I got so much attention. Lots of people like the photos, and people message me asking me if they could meet Freddie. I also get advice on what to feed him.

“Unfortunately I get some comments from people telling me to get rid of him. But he’s not dangerous, I ignore those comments.

“I just think this is a nice story to share. I know some people have different opinions about foxes but Freddie doesn’t bother us.”