A PUPIL who is battling dyslexia has praised her teachers for their expert help in diagnosing and guiding her through her condition.

Sophie Goddard, 13, was tested by teachers when she joined Belfairs High School in Leigh and found to have the condition, which affects sufferers’ reading and writing abilities.

Sophie, who spoke out to mark Dyslexia Awareness Week, suffered some difficulties at primary school, but at Belfairs it was picked up as part of the tests all children go through.

Sophie said: “I was tested with all the other new students when I first arrived. It was then my dyslexia was discovered. At primary school I always had problems with reading and spelling, though my writing is very neat.”

Teacher Jackie Wilson has been working with dyslexic children at Belfairs for years and has played a vital role in helping pupils with dyslexia.

Sophie said: “With Mrs Wilson I found out how to learn spelling and reading differently to the others. To help with reading I use a blue card with a cut-out which allows me to concentrate on one line at a time.

“I am a bit behind the others in my class, but I feel confident I will have caught up by exam time.”

Mrs Wilson added: “When they join us at Belfairs all children are routinely tested for various conditions that may be a bar to learning through traditional methods.

“We draw up individual plans for those needing help which reflect the areas they have difficulty with.”

The theme of Dyslexia Awareness Week, run by British Dyslexia Association, is to encourage all organisations to ensure all communications and publications are accessible and available in alternative formats.