A KNIFE-WIELDING robber threatened to shoot his victim, ripped the phone off his wall and set fire to his flat, a court heard.

Shaun Collier, 27, of Catchpool Road, Colchester, is accused of the attack and separate thefts at Justin Wickenden’s home in Nunn’s Road, Colchester.

Collier is alleged to have gone to the flat and used a hammer to get into a safe and steal cash. He also took a bike and a Playstation games console, it is claimed.

A court heard he went back a week later and demanded money. When he was told there was none, he got a knife from the kitchen and said he was going to kill Mr Wickenden.

When no money was handed over, Collier is alleged to have used a lighter to set fire to bedding in a cupboard at the property, which is run by supported housing scheme Family Mosaic.

He also ripped a phone off the wall.

Mr Wickenden, 41, told police the man was wearing a scarf over part of his face but he recognised his voice from the previous visit.

Mr Wickenden said he had no money and the man threatened to shoot him although he did not see a gun.

He told police: “That boy asked for money off me. I don’t like him because he nicked my bike and my games too.

“He came back and asked me for money and said he wanted to tie me up.”

The jury has been told Mr Wickenden has learning difficulties and needs help.

The prosecution has alleged Collier was the man responsible for the fire and thefts from Mr Wickenden's home on May 29 and June 6 last year.

He denies arson, damaging property, theft and attempted robbery.

The trial continues.