A MAN accused of filming teenage boys with a hidden camera has been moved from his home after it was targeted by vigilantes.

Windows in Dana Oneim's Harwich home were broken and threats of a possible firebomb attack prompted police to take action.

Details of the incidents were revealed after Oneim was told he is facing jail for taking pictures of young boys.

And it also emerged after his trial how he had applied to become a foster parent and had specified he wanted an eight-year-old "energetic and sporty" boy to look after.

His application was refused.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard how Oneim used a camcorder hidden inside a woolen hat to film teenagers and he also spied on them getting changed after swimming sessions at the Dovercourt pool.

Oneim claimed he was filming the boys as he had a genuine interest in naturism photography.

But a jury of seven men and five women did not believe him and he was convicted on charges of voyerism.

Sentence on the 55-year-old was adjourned for reports and he was remanded in custody.