A TEENAGER has been given a court order which bans him from having a games console, computer, or television without a receipt.

Connor Diack, 19, has been given an interim antisocial behaviour order (asbo)which bans him from a whole range of activities.

This will last until a hearing at Southend Magistrates Court where it will be decided whethere he will be given a full-blown asbo.

Fiona Philpott, Essex Police’s force solicitor, is pursuing the order on the basis that Diack is a prolific burglar.

She said: “It’s our case that he is a prolific burglar. He has previous convictions for burglary and theft.”

Diack, of Welch Close, Southend, has been given six points he must abide by within the county of Essex for the next fortnight.

The first is that he cannot use threatening, insulting or abusive words or behaviour to anyone not of the same household as himself.

The order specifies this includes members of the emergency services. Number two in not to touch or enter any unattended vehicle without the express permission of the owner.

Thirdly, he is not to enter any house, shed or garage, without consent of the owner. This includes driveways and gardens.

Number four is not to be in possession of any motor vehicle, electrical or digital equipment without proof of purchase.

The order specifies this includes computers, laptops, televisions, games consoles and games, digital cameras and mobile phones. Number five is not to enter a school, college, care home, day centre, church, or their surrounding grounds without a prior booked appointment.

Finally he is banned from Paycocke Road,Honywood Road, and Gardiners Lane South in Basildon. He si also banned from Cranes Farm Road between Gardiners Road South and Eastmayne unless travelling along the road in a vehicle.

Diack is due to appear before Southend Magistrates Court on October 26.