I read that Basildon councillor Tony Ball could receive an award for best council leader of the year.

Is this for the £4million of local taxpayers’ money it cost to remove the Dale Farm travellers, let alone the £30million of taxpayers’ money he spent on a sports stadium few people in Basildon wanted, at the cost of many playing fields for our children?

He, or any council leader, should put the needs of their constituents first, not the few people who live in big houses in Oak Road.

The travellers may have been breaking the law, but the Government overruled the councils years ago, which allowed them to live at Dale Farm.

One of my relatives, grew up, went to school and lived in Basildon. She moved to Newcastle 20 years ago.

When she visits, her first comments are what a dump Basildon has become, with dangerous footpaths, flowerbeds overgrown with weeds, scruffy grass verges and empty shops.

If the people of Basildon voted for the best council leader of the year, I wouldn’t think it would be Tony Ball.

K Cowell
Crown Close