The local election leaflet I have just received from the English Democrats is full of scaremongering.

If one were to believe everything it says, we are about to be overrun with mosques, paedophiles and those of the Islamic faith.

Looking at their website, one can see their prejudices and misinformation also extends to homosexuals and those who support animal welfare.

Yes, I believe immigration law needs a radical overhaul.

And yes, of course, we need to protect our children from harm, but the English Democrats are using inflammatory tactics designed to frighten people into giving their vote.

I hope those voting on May 3, will realise local councillors have as much power to change immigration law, or protect us from paedophiles or homosexuals as they have to protect us from the Bogeyman or Freddy Krueger, from whom we have as much to fear.

Garry Sheen
Boyce Hill Close