I stood for the Green Party in Kursaal (the first Green candidate ever fielded).

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who turned out and cast their vote, especially the 126 people who voted Green. However, I was hugely disappointed by the 25 per cent turnout across Southend.

On the doorstep I got a sense people wanted change, but felt their vote didn’t make a difference.

This is not true and the only way anyone will ever see change is by voting.

There is a view if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain and you get the council you deserve.

I hope the votes we gained for the Greens will encourage people to vote for alternatives in the future.

Simon Cross
Woodgrange Drive

...What a fantastic result from the local elections across Southend, with the Liberal Democrats holding on to the seats they were defending and a possible change in the Council.

The Conservatives have led a derelict council which needs to change.

Now the hard work begins for a new administration.

Robert Brown
Northumberland Avenue

...To use a vote wisely, you have to know what you are voting for.

Personally, I would like the chance to speak to candidates, but at the very least, I would like the chance to read their ideas and opinions, beyond headline matters.

This is particularly important to me since I have recently moved to a new area.

Not one person knocked at my door.

On Wednesday I came home to a pile of badly produced leaflets, all pretty much saying the same thing and all finding as much space to take a pop at their opponents as pat themselves on the back for things they, or their party, had done.

Not good enough I’m afraid.

No wonder there is such a poor turn-out for local elections.

D Roseby
Seaview Avenue