Councillor Graham Longley accused Martin Terry of attempting to justify the Independents in supporting the Tories and keeping them in power (May 25).

The letter was a betrayal of the Lib Dems’ promise to represent the residents of whichever ward they were elected.

I was a Lib Dem for many years as some policies were quite good and supported the working class, but lately, with the Government coalition, the Lib Dems have become Tory friendly.

The residents of Southend voted for a change in the way our town is managed.

If Graham Longley had asked Mike Grimwade to return from his holiday to vote with the opposition councillors, we may have seen a new cabinet of Tory, Labour, Lib Dem and Independent councillors, to actually represent the wishes of the residents.

As a Lib Dem, my letters to the Echo had to be scrutinised by the Lib Dem executive. Now, as an independent, I can write as I feel.

To Graham, I would say: “Get back to your origins, where you did try to represent the wishes of the people.

Stop playing party politics and join us to bring about a new direction for Southend.”

The next four years are going to be hard with the reduction in Government funding for local councils.

We need dedicated councillors who will stand up for the electorate, as they promised. The Independent group, in just a few weeks, have, because of the shift in the balance of power, with support from others, managed to change attitudes and regulations, to benefit local residents.

We will continue to promote Southend, assist small businesses, listen to the residents and act on their behalf.

Cllr Brian Ayling Ennismore Gardens Southend

...We were disgusted to read the Independents have sided with the Tories on the council.

They are pseudo Tories.

We would never have voted for them if we thought this was going to happen.

Val and Terry Fane
Eastern Esplanade