A CASTLE Point disabled sports club are appealing for help after half of their swimming sessions in the last year were cancelled due to a lack of lifeguards.

The Castle Point Sports Club for the Disabled meet every Sunday evening at Runnymede Pool on Kiln Road, Benfleet where they can have private swimming sessions, but recently they have been struggling to use that facility.

26 of the swimming sessions scheduled since last August have been cancelled as the group have not had a lifeguard. The club used to provide its own lifeguards but is now unable to and is calling on the council or others to provide someone who can watch over the groups swimming sessions.

Albert Palmer, 69, is the club chairman and said the club desperately needed a lifeguard to come to the club’s rescue.

“We really do need help. Swimming is the activity that a lot of our members look forward to the most but we are unable to do anything about this. Without funding or help we may not be able to continue swimming and I know that would really dissapoint many people who come to us.”

Jo North, 44, from Woodham Road in Benfleet, has been a member of the club since last year and said although she didn’t swim many of her friends at the club did.

“It would be terribly sad if more sessions were cancelled because of no lifeguards. It helps a lot of the members who are paralysed. The water is a great way to help people relax and it is important they are given every chance to swim.”

A Castle Point Council spokesperson said: “Traditionally the club has organised its own Lifeguards for swimming sessions at Runnymede. However, one of our officers met with a representative of the club on Monday and has agreed to look into the feasibility of rostering Lifeguards for its Sunday night sessions.”