A HYDROTHERAPY pool shut down due to lack of cash could be reopened again.

Billericay-based Hamelin Trust, which supports children and adults with disabilities, opened the facility at Sutton Bridge Farm, Sutton Road, Rochford, in April 2010.

However, in July 2011 it was closed down due to a lack of use and funds.

Now Benfleet Physiotherapy has teamed up with the charity to try and bring it back into use.

The company will handle all the bookings for the pool - freeing up time and cash for the charity.

Nigel Kimpton, clinical director of Benfleet Physiotherapy, said he was hoping to promote it more so more people use it.

He said: “I am hoping to get the whole thing in the public eye. There are one or two facilities in the whole of Essex and they are booked up.

“The benefits of hydrotherapy are enormous, not just from the support that the water supplies but from the sense of achievement and independence it provides. In comparison with land based physiotherapy, exercising in water eliminates anxiety and fear of falling by providing postural support. This often enables improved relaxation and flexibility of limbs. The water can also cause patients to challenge their stability further in later stage rehab by the use of drag and turbulence.”

The Hamelin Trust was formed in 1979 by the parents of two disabled children with learning and multiple disabilities and it became a registered charity in 1982.

It offers a range of care services, ranging from short break respite care to outreach services that offers care in a person’s home or support with attending community facilities and activities.

Hydrotherapy is physiotherapy in warm water and it can help reduce aches and pains, mobilise stiff joints and strengthen weak muscles.

Nicky Evans, spokeswoman for the charity, said: “It is a lovely facility and a lot of people that use our other services do want to use it, working with Benfleet Physio is going to be fantastic. We are hoping promotion will get the word out there that we are reopening.”

It is hoped the pool will be reopened in December.