A GIRL’S tenth birthday party was ruined by callous thieves who stole all of her presents.

Harriet Long had been enjoying a joint party at Vi Bowl, on Canvey, with her step-brother Joe Athey.

But it all ended in tears after her birthday cards full of cash and gift-wrapped presents were stolen from the car outside.

The low-lives even took the chunk of birthday cake that had been kept aside for her with ‘Harriet’ written on it in icing.

Her mother, Michala Pollock, 38, said: “It ruined everything. My daughter was so upset.

“Everytime I think about it it’s so upsetting, it’s clear they were kids’ presents. What sort of people do that to a child?”

The crooks also took a bag filled with Halloween decorations and her husband’s black and orange Adidas holdall which contained personal documents. The unopened presents included some clothes and a ‘best friends’ bracelet given to her by one of her pals.

In their hurry to grab everything the crooks had even taken a bag filled with rubbish from they party. Luckily, all of her step-brother Joe’s presesnts for his ninth birthday were still in the venue, rather than in the car.

He decided to be a gentleman and refused to open them while she was upset, saving them instead until the day of his actual birthday

. Mrs Pollock, of St Annes Road, Canvey, said: “He said to his mum and dad he didn’t want to open his presents because it was unfair to Harriet. He’s such a lovely boy, they are such close friends and I thought it was such a kind thing to do.”

The car was parked in the Lubbins Park Primary School carpark, in Eastern Esplanade, at about 10.20pm on Saturday when the gifts were stolen.

An Essex Police spokesman said: “We want to hear from anyone hanging around the carpark at the time, anyone getting into the vehicle, or carrying presents away.” Anyone with information should call Det Sgt Lucy Shewring at Rayleigh Area Investigation Team on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.