OVERFLOWING bins stacked with Christmas turkey and cracker wrappers could become a thing of the past as Castle Point Council is considering new collection plans.

Cancelled bin rounds over the festive period have, in the past, meant some residents have had to wait two weeks for their refuse collections and up to four weeks for their recyclable collections.

Now, senior Tory councillors have deemed this unacceptable and have revised their collections timetable this Christmas and New Year.

Reshuffling collection times means there will be no cancelled bin rounds, and there will only be no collections on the traditional bank holidays on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Collections will take place on Saturday December 22, Saturday December 29 and Saturday January 5 instead.

A spokesman from the council said: “This proposal means that no collections will need to be dropped and normal service will resume from Monday 7 January 2013.

“The revised collection arrangements will be communicated to residents in the normal way but there will be additional publicity on Canvey Island to ensure residents are aware that their collection day will be brought forward in the week prior to Christmas.”

The matter will be discussed at a Castle Point Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.